Meet Alisha


Oh hey, I’m Alisha, wedding photographer turned consultant.  Helping you remember everything you never knew about wedding planning.

Helping the DIY bride, DIY their wedding planning. 

I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda girl who loves yoga, the beach, and bad TV (HELLO, Below Deck & The Challenge!!)
I am fairly confident I could survive the rest of my life on Pizza and avacados alone. ActualIy I could for sure, no probelm.
My husband and I keep busy daily with our Yorkie Poo Carmine and our nieces & nephews, our smallest loves!

As far as your wedding goes, I grew up working in weddings!!  My family owns a wedding venue, so I have been catering and helping plan weddings since high school. I began photographing weddings in 2012 and now I’m taking what I’ve learned and am sharing it with all of you!!

You have been dreaming of the perfect day and I plan to help you create it!


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