Meet Alisha


Oh hey, I’m Alisha, photographer for awesome people.  Capturing real moments and timeless portraits. 

I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda girl who loves yoga, the beach, and bad TV (HELLO, Bachelorette and Kardashians!!) yes, it’s embarassing, but sorry not sorry.
I am fairly confident I could survive the rest of my life on Pizza and avacados alone. ActualIy I could for sure, no probelm.
My husband and I keep busy daily with our Yorkie Poo Carmine and our niece Aria. Two of our smallest loves!

As far as your wedding goes, I’m not just a photographer! I am also a hair fixer, earring finder, and time keeper (I’ll make sure you get to the church on time). I’ll carry your dress, make sure there is nothing in your teeth, and find your missing bridesmaid (why do they always disappear?).
I’m a flower pinner, tie straightener, and train fluffer, and I do it all while capturing every tiny detail of the day you marry the love of your life.

You have planned the perfect day and I plan to help keep it that way!

It’s all about making memories people, because to quote my good buddy Billy Joel, “this is the time to remember, because it will not last forever.”

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