How To Avoid Wedding Planning Fights

How To Avoid Wedding Planning Fights

Sure, every couple argues, but fighting over wedding planning is THE WORST!! Here are the top 3 things couples fight about while planning a wedding and how to avoid them!

3. Planning
Typically, while wedding planning, the groom to be will be very agreeable. “Do you like this?” is typically followed up with “yes” “Whatever you want” or “I don’t care.” However, there will probably be one or two things he does want. Give those to him. If they are completely and totally crazy-compromise. But inevitably there will come a time when he voices wanting to wear a top hat, or wanting cheeseburgers at cocktail hour, or insisting on the chicken dance. He isn’t asking for much, and if you don’t completely loath the idea, just let him have it, it’s his day too.

2. Guest List
The best way to avoid the guest list fight is to make the guest list first. Yes, before you book a venue hammer out the guest list. Why? Well, because while the budget may stay the same, how you spend your money is going to be very different if you are inviting 100 people or if you are inviting 300 people. You may book a venue that holds 150 only to discover you want to invite 220. You may hire a caterer for $45 a head planning on 120 people but then end up inviting 190. To avoid the fight set the guest list first. Also, your parents are going to have input. They are going to want to invite their own friends and extended family. So, before you set a date and start talking all things wedding to everyone who will listen, know the guest list so you can avoid chatting about your special day to people who won’t be sharing it with you.

There comes a point for every wedding planning couple where you panic. Something costs more than you expected or you decide you want to add something and it all just becomes too much. It’s rarely a giant expense but it is just enough push to an already stressful time and the money fight happens. To avoid this, be realistic. Yes you are going to budget and yes you are probably going to go over. The main thing here is making sure a big traditional wedding is what you both want. Weddings cost money no matter how you do it, but some can cost more than others. If you have other financial goals that are more important than your wedding day don’t be afraid to tell your fiancé up front. Yes compromises will need to be made, but it’s better to be very open from the beginning.

Happy Planning—XO Alisha

Posted on: April 22, 2018alisha
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