Paxinos Engagement Photos-Mickey & Wade

Paxinos Engagement Photos-Mickey & Wade

The morning of my session with Mickey and Wade she texted me a photo of a giant gash on his forehead.  Not to mention we had already pushed the session to wait for him to be off crutches.  Wade seems to be accident prone. Needless to say for the wedding day, this worries me. Who knows what we’ll be dealing with!! However I know Mickey has plans to lock him up after the holidays to keep him safe until June.  Stats for the shoot: The weather was perfectly fall, the sunset was gorgeous, and the pups were angels!!! Oh and Mickey didn’t do so bad either..STUNNING in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO!!!!  Also, I didn’t take the gash out of every single photo…it’ll make for a good story one day.






Posted on: September 28, 2016alisha
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