Pine Barn Inn Wedding- Nate & Alaina

Pine Barn Inn Wedding- Nate & Alaina

ATTENTION: In this blog you will find the most weather diverse photos of a wedding day I have every captured, I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I wasn’t there.  But more on that later, first lets talk about these two love birds.

First the wedding day stats: Ceremony & Reception: Pine Barn Inn in Danville, Bride & Groom: Incredibly laid back, Weather: Magical.

Alaina was best friends with my little sister growing up, so I have known her for a loooong time! I was so SO excited when she and Nate chose me to capture their wedding day photos! A November wedding, I remember thinking, I hope there is snow.  A few weeks before the wedding I met up with these two at their friend’s cabin where they were going to have their portraits taken.  They brought their wild and crazy and adorable pup Cal, (not to be confused with cow), and we checked out the amazing property. There was a barn, and open fields, and then a pretty steep and rocky ride up to the cabin.  I remember thinking, I hope there is NO snow, this could get messy.

So, November 19th rolls around and wouldn’t you know it, their wedding day is stunning. Stunning! It was 70 and sunny, can you believe it. A full hour of photos with the entire wedding party, outside in November—how lucky are we!!??  Even better, the storm clouds roll in and give us amazing light and wind for some photos in the field.  Then we get to the venue and make it inside just before the start of the rain. Seriously HOW LUCKY!!?? One word about the ceremony, emotional.  It was the only time I’ve seen a ceremony filled with so many different tears and hearty laughter all at once. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of love, and seriously the biggest laughs! It was perfect.

So now, on to the good part, (JK, I know the life long promise of love was the good part, but this was a close second) It starts snowing! IT’S SNOWING. And it is snowing these amazing, white, puffy, beautiful, flakes.  WHAT LUCK??!!! Aliana and Nate trusted me enough to steal them away one last time, to stand in the freezing cold, and let me capture a few last final photos of their day. It was magic.  I really can’t believe their luck, what are the chances? They must have had someone watching out for them that day.




















Posted on: December 9, 2016alisha
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