Ricketts Glen Engagement Session-Molly & John

Ricketts Glen Engagement Session-Molly & John

My first engagement session of 2017 and it was freezing! Not chilly or cold, FREEZING. I was bundled up, lot of layers, Molly and John– not even jackets!!!

Molly and I had gone back and forth a few times with ideas for where to have their engagement shoot.  When we decided on Ricketts Glen I had visions of frosty waterfalls and rocks as our background.

Clearly I was not thinking about:
1. How dangerous it would be to with all of the ice everywhere–hello, its January! (they close the trails in the winter–who knew?)
2. How we would turn into people popsicles attempting to walk anywhere in those temperatures.

So, there was no rocks or falls, but there was SNOW! A fresh 2 inches of undisturbed snow! Plus, the main office at Ricketts Glen is a gorgeous building. It was the perfect combination for a stunning winter engagement session. Molly, John, Jack, the pups, and I formulated this system: take a few photos and just before frost bite set in, run inside to warm up.

It worked! I don’t know how long it took them to thaw out completely but I think it was worth it!! And, just for the record, I did offer them the opportunity for a snowball fight, they quickly declined. Can’t wait for their winter wedding!!!












Posted on: January 31, 2017alisha
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