Things Every Wedding Guest Should Know

Things Every Wedding Guest Should Know

It’s Wedding Season!! And there are a few things every wedding guest should know!

RSVP, on time!! Seriously guys, SERIOUSLY—RSVP to everything you are invited to always. Even if the answer is no.
The host just wants to know how many people to plan for. They need to tell the caterer how much food and booze to buy,
they need to order their favors, cake, and centerpieces. The RSVP date is important. RSVP.

What you should wear.  Ok so I know we are all wearing white after labor day these days but it is still not ok to wear white to a wedding.
If your dress has color in it mixed with white– fine..but an all white dress? Ladies, NO.  Other than that, consider where you are going.
Barn weddings are super popular right now, which means you may be walking through grass—
NO ONE, including the bride, wants to hear you complaining about your heels being stuck in the ground.
You KNEW you were coming to a barn wedding, opt for wedges or flats. Guys 99% of the time no matter how casual the ceremony
is jeans are never ok. But if it is a casual ceremony you can opt for just a shirt and tie, or just a shirt and jacket.

Be On Time.  The entire day is planned down to the minute, and they are expensive minutes for the bride and groom.
Please be in your seats 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Just do it.

The Bride & Groom does want to talk to you!!  But, immediately after the ceremony is not the time.
After the ceremony the bride and groom has one thing on their mind—cocktails and food!! But standing in the way of that is the receiving line,
family photos, wedding party photos, and  portraits.  So after the ceremony please don’t linger to get some alone time with the bride and groom—
there will be plenty of time for that at the reception.

Dance! If the bride and groom hired a DJ, band, or any kind of musical entertainment, chances are they want you to dance.
They really, really do. So please mentally prepare yourself for dancing the night away at a wedding.  Don’t be that “we don’t dance couple,” no one likes that couple.
(Ok, that may be little dramatic, but seriously don’t be that couple)

Drink Responsibly.  Just because you have a DD to get you home safely does not mean you should get black out drunk.
Your friends, ya know the bride and groom, put so much time, effort, and money into this day. Please don’t break stuff, wreck the venue, or cause a dramatic scene.


Posted on: June 12, 2017alisha
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