Wedding Photography
Part I–Do You Need An Engagement Session?


You have so many choices when it comes to your wedding photography. Not just different photographers and studios but also what they offer.    Let’s, for the sake of this blog, say you have found your photographer—someone who’s style and personality you love and you have chosen them to photograph your big day. Great!! Decision made, on to the next right? Well, not really.

Aside from finding the right photographer you need to decide if you want an engagement session, a second shooter, and an album and/or digital files.  I will do separate blog posts on pros and cons of all of these options.  But first we will start with the Engagement session.

About 50% of my clients initially don’t want an engagement shoot. They typically say 1 of 2 things: “we don’t need it” and “I’m lucky I’m getting him to take wedding pictures!”

Here is why you need it. It will make your wedding photos MUCH better! You will have already spent so much time with your photographer. You get to know each other more personally and professionally. Each photographer works differently and the engagement session gives you a test run on communication and posing. Plus, once you get the proofs you can see what looks you like and what you don’t. (Typically a groom smile critique happens after the engagement session, so he knows exactly what he should, and most importantly, shouldn’t be doing in the wedding photos!)

Not only will your wedding photos be better, your wedding DAY will be better! Once you spend some time with your photographer you get much more comfortable. So the morning of the wedding, instead of a stranger, who you have emailed a few times, walking in. A friend walks in, someone you have already worked and laughed with.  This makes the day so much easier on you. Your photographer is with you for so much of your wedding day, the better you know them, the easier your wedding day photography experience!


Posted on: December 15, 2017alisha
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