The A Mack Experience

I'm the photographer for the jeans and T-Shirt brides. Those who 9 time out of 10 wear the comfy shoes. The girls who eat pizza, watch the bachelor, and sometimes has chipped nail polish. I’m the photographer for the bride that does REAL LIFE, but is also planning a kick ass wedding.
Is the A Mack experience for you?  If you want photos that are natural and classy, but most importantly you want a day that is FUN!! I got you.
Your wedding day is not a photo shoot, it’s your WEDDING!!! So, we are going to get amazing photos, (for you to treasure for a lifetime) BUT we are going to do it as quickly and painless as possible.  So you can, ya know, get to the party!!
We are going to create a custom wedding day timeline--so everyone is going to know who needs to be where and when.  So the day of, you are good to go. 
We are going to create a detailed family photo we get all of the combinations you want and waste no time on the ones you don't!
My wedding party photo system will have your wedding party back in the limo with a drink in no time.  No cranky groomsmen here, Thankyouverymuch.
THEN, we get a few minutes for you, and me, and your new hubby, to take some really fun & authentic wedding day photos!
All that, done in time, to get you back to your PARTY!
You don't want just any photographer for your wedding, your wedding needs the A Mack Experience. 
Click here to contact me, lets get coffee and chat all things wedding!!